Modification and Design
In the rapidly changing world of aerospace and aviation technology, the ability to modify and update existing systems and structures is of paramount importance. RT Aerospace leads the industry in concept definition, design, analysis, structural modification and prototype development by applying the latest technology and rigorous testing procedures as mandated by the F.A.A. Numerous custom designs, modifications, and installations of cargo and crew doors, overwing exits, articulating booms, externally-mounted video cameras, interior seating configurations, overhead stowage bins, seat design, interior cabinets, galleys and other custom designed F.A.A. approved components have been accomplished at RT Aerospace.

The wide variety of modification design services available from RT Aerospace provides customers with a single point of contact to coordinate, oversee and obtain F.A.A. approval for a project from conception through manufacturing.

Structural Repair Design
The comprehensive engineering and repair programs at RT Aerospace include design and evaluation of repairs, damage due to accident, fatigue, corrosion and technical assistance to correct dangerous structural and mechanical failure.

Using sophisticated Computer Aided Design, Engineering and Analysis (CAD/CAE/CAA) software, clients are provided with F.A.A. approved engineering repair designs on an "on call" basis where repair requirements exceed the scope of standard aircraft structural repair manuals. In the RT Aerospace arsenal of experience, designs and repairs encompass aircraft ranging from the smallest of private aircraft to wide-body commercial aircraft.

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