Lake LA4 Aft Baggage Door Retrofit

The Lake as we know it is a very versatile aircraft, opening up waterways, lakes, rivers, and oceans as limitless runways. Some of the few drawbacks encountered when utilizing this aircraft to its full potential is the lack of cargo space and the difficulty endured trying to load bulky items through the entry doors, past the rear bench and into an already tight tunnel.

With the addition of the RT Aerospace Aft Baggage Door, the volume and carrying ability are greatly improved as well as ease of loading the aircraft. The baggage door is added to the left side of the fuselage, being hinged at centerline and opening over center. The door opening is approximately 13″ x 17″.

The fuselage modification consists of removing part of one frame and the skin cutout. A ring doubler and filler is then added to the exterior of the aircraft. Internally the aircraft is strengthened by the addition of two intercostals and a doubler on the forward bulkhead. The door itself is an aluminum build and is latched using two Southco draw latches for redundancy.

With the addition of the RT Aerospace Aft Baggage Door, the versatility of the Lake aircraft is capitalized on and would make a great addition for the owner who finds himself being limited by the lack of and difficulty reaching the cargo space of their aircraft.