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Combination Radio/Throttle/Gust Lock

R.T. Aerospace's combination Radio/Throttle/Gust Lock prevents avionics and aircraft theft. You can protect your aviation investment with this low cost, yet extremely effective system. In one simple operation, you can completely lock your radios, throttle, mixture and flight controls.


  • Completely blocks off access to Radio Stack.
  • Locks throttle and mixture controls in idle cut-off position, denying engine start.
  • Locks aircraft Flight Controls.
  • Ease of installation, uses existing gust lock holes and requires drilling of additional 5/32 inch diameter hole.
  • Made of strong aviation grade alloys.
  • Installs and removes in seconds using a standard pad lock (included).
  • Light-weight & portable. Weighs only 5 lbs. and disassembles in seconds to fit under seat or in seat backrest pocket.
  • FAA STC/PMA Approved for Installation in CESSNA 100/200/300 series aircraft.
  • Fully adjustable to fit various aircraft and can be transferred to other aircraft.
  • Custom and Double radio stack installations available
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