Cessna 337 Main Landing Gear Aft Doors Removal/Fixed Panel Retrofit

One of the major drawbacks of Cessna 337 Skymasters during single engine operation is its inability to maintain altitude while cycling the main landing gear. This is a result of the high drag caused by the main landing gear aft (clamshell) doors. In addition, a landing gear hydraulic failure may result in the doors opening, also placing the aircraft in a possibly dangerous "High Drag" configuration.

In an effort to improve both the aircraft performance and safety, R.T. Aerospace has designed and obtained FAA Approval for a modification which removes the aft landing gear doors and installs fixed panels with an opening for the gear. The installation is similar to that found on Cessna 182 / 210 series aircraft, The modification simplifies the landing gear system and improves aircraft safety without a loss in performance.