Pressurized Cessna 337 Baggage Door Retrofit

One of the biggest complaints concerning the Pressurized Cessna 337 is the inaccessibility of the baggage area behind the center seats. Although the area is approved for 360 lbs. of baggage / cargo , any bags you carry will have to be carried through the main entry door then lugged over the center seats for storage.

R.T. Aerospace has solved the baggage problem on the Pressurized 337s by the addition of a baggage door on the fuselage aft right hand side. The door measures approximately 20" x 20" with a fuselage opening measuring 18" wide by 18.5" high. The door is hinged at the top and opens up and outward for clear access to the baggage area.

The baggage door is a composite buildup made from carbon fiber-epoxy skins sandwiched around a 1" thick Nomex honeycomb core. The latching mechanism consists of three stainless steel lock pins spring loaded to the locked position with an over-center cam. A key lock is provided for additional safety and security. The door and locking mechanism have been tested to over 10,000 cycles at an ultimate pressure load of 7 psi with no damage or failures.

The fuselage modification consists of the removal of existing frames and stringers in the door area and skin cutout. It is then reinforced by the addition of an external doubler and associated door jambs and internal webs. The door sealing is accomplished via a blown seal which provides positive door sealing at all times. Pressurization for the seal is provided through an electrically driven air pump.

For greater ease of loading / unloading and versatility of your Skymaster with much less frustration, the R.T. Aerospace baggage door is a must.