Cessna 337 Composite Cargo Pod

One of the major drawbacks of the Cessna Skymasters is that due to the unique rear engine position, the fuselage design does not allow for a baggage compartment. Carriage of five or six passengers results in no space for baggage, therefore, either the bags are stuffed between the seats, providing for a very uncomfortable cabin, or the bags must be left behind.

In order to improve aircraft utilization and mission flexibility, R.T. Aerospace has re-introduced the lower external Cargo Pod for the Cessna 337 series aircraft. The R.T. Aerospace Cargo Pod, which is similar in form and function to the original Cessna pod, is made of the latest in aerospace materials, incorporating strong epoxy-glass skins with a 1/2" thick nomex honeycomb core. The resulting pod is extremely strong and lightweight. An added advantage is that the pod contains no metal liner, therefore it lends itself to numerous applications such as camera mounts, radars, transmission antenna housings and much more in additional cargo.

The R.T. Aerospace Cargo Pod provides 300 lbs. capacity with over 13 cubic feet of storage space at a pod weight of 36 lbs. The pod measures 38" wide, 92" long and 15" deep on edge with a 9.25" useable height due to fuselage contour. The door opening measures 29" x 11.25". Ground clearance with the pod installed is 9.0 inches.